5230.0005 DEFINITIONS.
Subpart 1. Scope. The terms used in parts 5230.0005 to 5230.5920 and Minnesota Statutes, sections 326B.91 and 326B.921 to 326B.925, have the meanings given them in this part.
Subp. 2. Administrative authority. "Administrative authority" means the inspection agency authorized to inspect high pressure piping under Minnesota Statutes, sections 326B.90 and 326B.92, subdivision 2.
Subp. 3. Ammonia piping system. "Ammonia piping system" means a piping system conveying ammonia that is used for refrigeration.
Subp. 4. ASME. "ASME" means the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Subp. 5. Bioprocess piping. "Bioprocess piping" means piping and equipment used for conveying living organisms for medical, research, or pharmaceutical purposes, but does not include piping used to make bio food products or treat waste.
Subp. 6. Bioprocess piping system. "Bioprocess piping system" means a piping system for bioprocess piping.
Subp. 7. Contractor. "Contractor" means an entity with a valid high pressure piping contractor license, as described in Minnesota Statutes, section 326B.921, subdivision 2.
Subp. 8. Department. "Department" means the Department of Labor and Industry.
Subp. 9. Direct supervision. "Direct supervision," with respect to direct supervision of an unlicensed individual by a licensed master high pressure pipefitter or a licensed journeyworker high pressure pipefitter, means that:
A. at all times while the unlicensed individual is performing high pressure piping work, the supervising pipefitter is present at the location where the unlicensed individual is working;
B. the supervising pipefitter is physically present and immediately available to the unlicensed individual at all times for assistance and direction;
C. electronic supervision does not meet the requirements of item B;
D. the supervising pipefitter reviews the high pressure piping work performed by the unlicensed individual before the high pressure piping system is operated or placed in service; and
E. the supervising pipefitter is able to and does determine that all high pressure piping work performed by the unlicensed individual is performed in compliance with this chapter.
Subp. 10. High pressure piping system. "High pressure piping system" means:
A. a steam or heating media piping system;
B. an ammonia piping system; or
C. a bioprocess piping system.
Subp. 11. High pressure piping work. "High pressure piping work" means activities for which a master or journeyworker high pressure pipefitter license is required under Minnesota Statutes, section 326B.921, subdivision 1.
Subp. 12. Other medium used for heating. "Other medium used for heating" means hot oil or other liquid that transfers heat without a phase change. Other medium used for heating does not include products within refinery and chemical process complexes that exchange heat with other product streams as part of the core process.
Subp. 13. Pipefitting laws. "Pipefitting laws" means this chapter, chapter 5231, and Minnesota Statutes, sections 326B.90 to 326B.925.
Subp. 14. Piping system. "Piping system" means the method of conveying liquid, vapor, steam, water, ammonia, or other medium from one point to another and includes all component parts, accessories, apparatus, equipment, or appurtenances necessary for proper and safe operation according to this chapter. Piping system includes pipes, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves, fittings, the pressure-containing elements or portions of the system, piping and equipment supporting elements, hangers, or structural attachments.
Subp. 15. Power piping system. "Power piping system" means high pressure piping system.
Subp. 15a. Registered unlicensed individual. "Registered unlicensed individual" means an individual who is:
A. employed in the trade of the practical construction and installation of high pressure piping and appurtenances by a licensed high pressure piping business; and
B. registered with the department under part 5230.0035.
Subp. 16. Steam or heating media piping. "Steam or heating media piping" means any system of piping hot water or other medium used for heating that exceeds 30 p.s.i. gauge and 250 degrees Fahrenheit, or any system of piping high pressure steam in excess of 15 p.s.i. gauge.
Subp. 17. Steam or heating media piping system. "Steam or heating media piping system" means a piping system for steam or heating media piping.
Statutory Authority: MS s 326B.925
History: 34 SR 145; 39 SR 1343
Published Electronically: November 29, 2017


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